A Big Business Starts Small

Bafna Group of Industries is one of the leading innovators in the region. With diversified businesses ranging from the manufacturing sector to food and mineral water, the Group constantly pushes the boundaries of its offerings coming from a remote area such as Jamkhed.

Who Are We?

What can be possible in a small taluka place like Jamkhed?

From its modest beginnings in 2013 with a small petrol pump to its diverse offerings in the current scenario, the Group is the epitome of success judging by the most conservative measures. Spanning across multiple industries with its products supplied in four states, the Bafna Group has provided an excellent opportunity for investors to believe in a local company and earn above-industry returns.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Bafna Group is one of the leading innovators in the region. They are diversified in many different sectors, including manufacturing and food. The company is well respected for their innovative work and I am proud to be a part of it.
Neeta Rathi
I am very pleased with the services of the Bafna Developers unit of the Bafna Group of Industries. I found it easy to buy an open plot from them. They were very helpful and their prices are reasonable. I would recommend them.
Harshali Rajput
Bafna Mineral Water is a high-quality packaged drinking water that is affordable and available in different categories. It has a refreshing taste and doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste. The plant was set up to provide quality drinking water.
Ajit Gaikwad

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